Thursday, September 08, 2005

Day follows night

So, I'm sick. Yep, sick. Got me a wracking cough that will not go away. Right now, it's giving me a headache. Other times, it's worse. I feel like I wish I could reach down my throat and just clear away the congestion that I'm feeling there. Ugh. I feel yucky. So, of course, I find myself humming a song. "Innocent", which is performed (if I recall correctly) by Sinead O'Connor and The Edge (guitarist for U2). Somewhere in there is a line, "The night is long but the day will come". Common sentiment, especially in pop songs. And so I, with my bleak sense of humor, immediately begin to note that, while day follows night, night also follows day. It's a cycle, right? So who's really to say which comes first? (Brief break to start my tea brewing. Mmm. Tea. It's hot, so it soothes my throat, and I can pretend that it's actually doing something to my lungs.) In our culture, night is the end of the day. But, in Hebrew culture, day follows night. Check out Genesis 1. Evening and morning. Day follows night. For some reason, right now I find that to be profound. That means that the ancient Hebrews looked at the creation of their God and realized that He had built into His creation a reminder of the ultimate triumph of good over evil, joy over pain, health over sickness. Day follows night. As I go to bed tonight, I should probably try to remember that.


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