Wednesday, June 01, 2005

On Being Indie: A Definition

(The previous installment can be found here.) So, as promised, I am returning to the topic of creator ownership of intellectual property. This is an issue that has gradually become more important to me over the last several years, especially as a result of my involvement in hobby game publishing. The reasons for my concerns should become apparent as I go through this discussion. So, first, a definition. The word “independent” can have a variety of meanings, from “low budget” to “we really stink”. When I use the word “independent”, though, I have a precise meaning in mind: creator ownership of the intellectual property being developed. In other words, the copyright and creative control are maintained by the creator throughout the publication process. This does not necessarily mean the same thing as self-publication, where the creator pays for the production of the work, although being independent often requires self-publication. With this definition in mind, let’s hop into our discussion. (The next installment can be found here.)


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