Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Baby Level Orange

Recently, I've been ranting about Homeland Security. Some of it has been in my head, and some of it has been in other people's direction. I don't have time for the long version, but the short version is this: emotionally, I feel like Homeland Security=Nightwatch. Somewhat unfair, I know, and I don't have any better solutions right now, but there it is. So, given my perverse sense of humor, as we have entered the last couple of weeks of Crystal's pregnancy, I've decided to use the Homeland Security threat level scale (Green, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Red) to rate our labor probability. So, Green would be no activity, while Red would be "the midwife is coming". Sometimes, it's better to laugh at your problems then gripe about them. All of this to say: currently, we are at Baby Level Orange. Stay tuned.


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