Tuesday, January 10, 2006

A bit more on Polaris

(The previous report is here.) In this post, I wrote:
"Or, for that matter, what does Na’ir say about me? Originally I wasn’t wanting to play a noble loner, which is my default character, but I think that’s where I ended up. At the same time, Na’ir was fiercely dedicated to a people who failed to care anything for him. In his death, Na’ir saved them all from an agonizing demise, yet they spit on his grave and called him a traitor. Still, I thought that his story ended happily. After all, he did save the people, and even if they don’t care, I do. No one else remembers the noble death of Na’ir before the walls of his remnant, but the four of us do. Indeed, our memory of his life and death still remain while the people of Polaris are already dust. And, somehow, that is enough for me."
I thought about this a bit more, and it made perfect sense. We know that the remnants of Polaris fell. After all, "it all happened long ago, and now there are none who remember it." So, by definition, my memories of Na'ir's service to his city outlasted the people's despise of his supposed treachery. And isn't that part of our hope as Christians? Our Creator, the Author of this story, remembers all the sacrifices that we have made for Him, and His memory is eternal. Those around us mock us, but one day soon they will all be dust, scattered in the wind. Yet our God will remain, and His remembrance is forever. So what does Na'ir's ending say about me? It says that I'm a Christian. (The next report is here.)


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