Monday, April 04, 2005

In a Dark and Quiet Room, Part 2

(The previous installment can be found here.)

A coffee pot! That's what this place needs. How silly that I neglected this. Of course, I can't put the coffee pot on the writing table. That would clutter it up, invading my writing space. So let's put it over here, against the wall. Of course, it needs a little table of its own, where it can rest. Better, a small set of shelves. The coffee pot sits on top, ready to be used, while the shelves below hold small brown bags of various coffees. Brown bags? Come on, Seth, where is your sense of class? Glass canisters with chrome accents. Much better. The coffee pot itself is black and chrome, of course.

Ooh! Ooh! Then, hanging above the coffee pot is a scroll with the kanji for "coffee" written on it with an ink brusk. I wonder if there is a kanji for coffee. Well, if not, then I'll make something up and claim that it is the kanji for coffee. Of course, this scroll is illuminated by track lighting. Even better, I put track lighting on the ceiling, shining down onto the scroll and the coffee shelves. Obviously, now, the scroll is the center part of a triptych, with the two outer panels displaying ukiyo-e of persons drinking coffee. The likelihood of finding such prints from the Edo period is probably nil, as I doubt that the Japanese did much coffee trade during that time, but I'll make some up anyways.

Behold! My coffee center! Looks pretty good, I think. Actually, it probably looks like a coffee shrine, with a black-and-chrome deity awaiting offerings from devoted worshippers. I'll probably have to put the incense burner somewhere else to avoid reinforcing that impression.

So now, I'll have a seat with my back to the coffee shrine. That way I can reach it when I want a cup, but I won't be distracted while I write. The rest of the room is still black, of course, and I have no idea what is outside the door, but I'm not going to let that concern me right now. I have my coffee, and that's enough work on the room for today.


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