Friday, April 01, 2005

Post Index--A Work in Progress

So, I read an article by Jakob Nielsen about usability issues with blogs. One of the items that he mentioned was making sure that readers can find good posts without having to troll through the archives. So, that's what this post is for. As I have opportunity (and desire), I will try to organize my posts in broad categories right here. I will leave out posts that are only links to other sites. In A Dark and Quiet Room Part 1 In which I create the Dark and Quiet Room Part 2 In which I discuss the necessity of a coffee pot for the Dark and Quiet Room Part 3 In which I create the Locked Box Part 4 In which I procrastinate and pretend to do more decorating Part 5 In which more is added to the Locked Box Part 6 In which more is added to the Locked Box Part 7 In which I finish the Alyria site Part 8 In which more is added to the Locked Box Part 9 In which more is added to the Locked Box Polaris Actual Play Report One In which I discuss the importance of environment on gameplay Report Two In which I discuss immersion issues with Polaris, as well as the importance of the Heart/Mistaken rivalry Report Three In which I discuss the Color of Polaris, and two protagonists become Veterans Report Four In which we wrap our first game of Polaris and I wax poetic Excursus In which I talk about being remembered by God Report Five In which we begin anew Alyria stories The History of Alyria An excerpt from my roleplaying game Legends of Alyria The Beautiful People My wife's favorite Alyria story. A tale of redemption. Wearing the Mask My favorite Alyria story. A tale of broken hearts and hard choices. Bloody Heat An Alyria horror story Other stories Fragments of Jenna's Story, Part 1 This is the first place where I wrote about Jenna on my blog. It caused quite a furor, as you can see from the comments, which caused me to create the Locked Box. Board games (and other games, too) In Other News I congratulate James for his first win playing Puerto Rico. Polarity My brief review of Polarity, which got me linked from the publisher's site. Cool! Tigris & Euphrates A brief description of my favorite multiplayer board game Half-Life 2 I talk about this first-person shooter a bit. Theology The Art of Interpretation I talk briefly about postmodernism and interpretation and, more importantly, cite Peter Leithart (twice!). Interpretation and Common Revelation I talk briefly about the place of common revelation in interpretation. Angels and coffee I talk about how coffee makes us better than angels. The Long Walk I review Stephen King's The Long Walk and talk about its application to life. On Bible Translations I mutter semi-coherently about Bible translations and the loss of church authority. Believers I discuss an episode of Babylon 5 and its ethical implications. Polytheism as Politics I rant a bit about tolerance and politics. Have You Been Touched By His Noodly Appendage? I discuss why I am unimpressed by Intelligent Design. Doug Wilson Retells the Story I post a link to Doug Wilson's blog and get flamed by a homosexual. Go figure. Art and the oppressed I discuss how art should be used to serve the weak. Humor and satire Headlines Late-breaking news from the colonies! Silence A snarky definition Word Verification Revealed In which I poke fun at Blogger and a friend, all at the same time! The Wal-Mart Report This is a series of audio blogs that I did on location from Wal-Mart. I no longer go to Wal-Mart, so this is currently in limbo. July 21, 2005 July 28, 2005 August 4, 2005 August 30, 2005 October 26, 2005 Thoughts about my life On Being Trendy I discuss why I decided to start my blog. A Dream A dream about my mother. To My Wife On the occasion of her birthday, I tell my wife that I love her very much. Been Too Tired To Write In which I write about procrastinating and being tired. A Sad Memory I remember an incident from the first year of my marriage. Mother's Day I celebrate my mother on Mother's Day The Wound That Will Not Heal Grief. I talk about grief. A Series of Unfortunate Events I try to explain my feelings about watching the movie More on loss I reflect on heavy metal lyrics and the life beyond Quotes and whatnot Hotels I reflect on Moby's liner notes. A quote on art A quote from Scott Adams on art. I Know Moon-Rise A Negro spiritual that moved me when I read it. A quote, courtesy of John Wesley A quote from John Wesley, encouraging a proper catholic spirit between Calvinists and Arminians. Gene Wolfe on symbols A quote from Book of the New Sun On Being Indie Some Links I open the series with links to other people's work. If Bill Watterson agrees with me, then I can't be all that wrong. A Definition I define being "independent" Who's Your Audience? I discuss the economic implications of being independent