Saturday, April 09, 2005

In a Dark and Quiet Room, Part 3

(The previous installment can be found here) Tonight I create a box. I spin it from shadows and form it from darkness. It is a squat and ugly thing, crouching upon my writing table. Into it I place the long nights, the horrifying days, the shivers in shadow, the clutching fingers, the defilement, the anger, the weeping, the violation, the dark the dark the dark. And I place upon this box a silver lock which I seal with a golden key. Then I place the box in the corner, and I stare at it uncomfortably. But I leave the key upon the table. Because outside that box is the world of my mind, where all is as I would like it. But inside that box is the world as it is. And I hate it and I hate it, but we all must take up the golden key and see what is kept inside the locked box.


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