Monday, May 09, 2005

In A Dark and Quiet Room, Part 4

(The previous installment can be found here.) I have far too much work to do to be sitting down in this room. I have a book to edit and prepare for layout. I should be doing that. So, instead, I have decided to procrastinate. Procrastinate? Maybe not. Maybe I am just reminding myself why I write in the first place. But no matter. It is time for more interior decorating. In the corner opposite the locked box is a go-ban. Games can make such beautiful decorations, and Go is quite possibly the best example of this. The utter simplicity of the game which produces such profound complexity is truly a thing of beauty. But I also enjoy simply looking at the components themselves. Hmm. Do I have room over there for a few more games? I believe so. In that case, I will set up my Zertz set over here. For fun, I think that I will use the set that I assembled. This is another game that I find is beautiful to the eyes. There is something visually satisfying about these games, quite independent of the actual gameplay. Of course, the other thing that these games have in common is that I cannot find opponents for them. Ah well. But for now, while I fire up the laptop and prepare to edit, I will contemplate the serene order and beauty of these games. Perhaps it will enable me to focus on the work at hand.


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