Thursday, June 30, 2005

So I was reading...

..."'Repent, Harlequin,' said the Ticktockman" by Harlan Ellison which is a really good story which I would recommend to anyone since it is about being a slave to time and I thought while I read, "The ancient Egyptians worshipped the sun and we look down on them for being primitives but we worship our schedule books and isn't the calendar based on the sun so aren't we sun worshippers as well?" but then I had to hurry up and leave because I was running late.


Blogger james3v1 said...

can I get first in line to borrow the story?

7/03/2005 07:26:00 PM  
Blogger MacAvram said...

I read it many years ago. Like fire or government, a schedule makes a dangerous servant and fearful master.

But, isn't it true that anything in God's world may become an idol and master us.

7/09/2005 05:29:00 PM  

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